Research stay of Nina

Our group member, Nina Troppmair, is currently on a one-month research stay in the lab of Mary Teruel within the Department of Biochemistry at Weill Cornell Medicine. We are cooperating in a project focused on elucidating the role of sphingolipid synthesis in the differentiation of stem cells to adipocytes. Together with Sanjeev Sharma, Nina is conducting perturbation studies and determining the endogenous levels of various proteins, including the main transcription factor driving adipogenesis. The expertise of Mary Teruel’s group in adipogenesis, coupled with their proficiency in immunostaining and fluorescence microscopy, perfectly complements the lipidomic and proteomic analyses performed at our lab in Vienna. Our gratitude goes to the DoSChem for supporting Nina’s visit through the International Exchange Program, and especially to Mary, Sanjeev, and the entire lab for their warm welcome and great assistance during Nina’s stay.

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