MassSpec-Forum2024: Workshop – Lipidomics-LIFS Bioinformatics Training

The MassSpec-Forum Vienna 2024 kicked off on Wednesday, February 21st, with a morning dedicated to insightful workshops. 

The Workshop 3 on Lipidomics-LIFS Bioinformatics Training, was conducted by Dominik Kopczynski, Nils Hoffmann, and Robert Ahrends from the University of Vienna. The session, held in parallel with other workshops, focused on the intricacies of lipidomics and the application of bioinformatics tools, specifically utilizing the Lipidomics-LIFS platform. Attendees delved into advanced techniques and methodologies, gaining hands-on experience in deciphering lipid data.

This workshop not only provided a unique learning opportunity, but also showcased the commitment of MassSpec-Forum Vienna 2024 to cover diverse aspects of mass spectrometry, ensuring participants received a comprehensive education in this dynamic field. The event’s emphasis on practical training and engagement set a tone for the subsequent days of the conference.

Photos by David Loibnegger and Claude Molitor

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