Dr. Cristina Coman

Research Interests: Development and implementation of analytical multiomics approaches for systems biology of the cardiac metabolism.
Education: M.Sc. in Science in Chemistry,  Babes-Bolyai University, Romania
Favorite Scientist: Alan G. Marshall is an American analytical chemist who has devoted his scientific career to developing a scientific technique known as Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometry, which he co-invented.
Hobbies: Hiking, cooking and traveling
Stefanie Rubenzucker

Stefanie Rubenzucker

PhD Student
Research Interests: Investigating the role of lipids in signalling events, with a special focus on adipocyte differentiation.
Education: MSc in Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria.
Favorite Scientist: Rosalind Franklin, for her invaluable contribution to our current understanding of molecular biology and virology.
Hobbies: Pottery, hiking, baking.

Nina N. Troppmair

PhD Student
Research Interests: The metabolism of glycosphingolipids in adipogenesis.
Awards: JKU Study Abroad Excellence Award.
Education: MSc in Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
Favorite Scientist: Rosalind Franklin for her contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA, which were largely recognized as such only posthumously.
Hobbies: Skiing, climbing, swimming.

Bianca de Jonckheere

PhD student
Research Interests: Interaction of proteins and lipids in cell differentiation 
Education: M.Sc. in Biological Sciences, University of Cologne, Germany
Favorite Scientist:  Nicholas Flamel (c. 1330 – 1992) and his posthumous reputation as an alchemist who succeeded in making the philosopher’s stone and become immortal through the “elixir of life”. Or, more seriously, Alexander Fleming and his accidental discovery of penicillin in 1928, which revolutionized medicine and raised the hope that anyone could find something great that one wasn’t looking for.
Hobbies: tennis, beach volleyball, acryl painting, travel 
  • Wine tasting at Kloster Marienthal
  • Leaving for a hike from Bad Neuenahr
  • Wine tasting 2020